• Understand different types of bearing and its application, factors to be considered for selection and maintenance of bearings


INR 1,200/-

Duration |  6 Hours (2hrs/day) 


  • Pursuing (3rd /Final Year) / working professionals with 0-2 year of experience from manufacturing and maintenance. (Not for practicing designers and machine builders)

  • Awareness in basic machine tools and machines elements


  • Attendance – 90% Min 

  • Assignment completion – 100%

  • Post-test assessment score – 70% Min


  • Maximum types of  bearings covered with application

  • Failures and remedies details explained with pictures

  • Monitoring tools explained

  • Student feedback helps tweak the course content


  • Introduction to bearing

  • Classification of bearings

  • Sliding contact bearing types 

  • Advantages and disadvantages sliding contact bearings 

  • Sliding contact bearings defects and remedies

  • Types of rolling contact bearings

  • Types of ball bearings and its application

  • Type of roller bearings and its application

  • Properties of bearing material

  • Inspection of bearings

  • Reasons for bearing failures

  • Bearing defects, causes and remedies

  • Bearing selection criteria

  • Bearing specification

  • Bearing mounting and dismantling kit

  • Bearing lubrication


By The End Of Course The Learner Will:

  • Identify the various types of bearings and its application

  • Identify the causes for failures and suggest the remedies

  • Explain the specification of bearing and able to read the bearing catalogue.

  • Take high end program on bearing load calculation and design courses

  • Be able to get job opportunities in maintenance department by learning other maintenance related courses like maintenance management, maintenance of power transmitting elements and awareness on TPM

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