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Junior Level

At the end of this program the participants will be able to convert raw material in to finished quality products.

Metrology and Measuring Instruments

Machining Processes

Workshop Calculations & Science

Engineering Drawing

Welding Techniques

At the end of this training session the participants will able to do basic level welding joints.
Course Outline
Arc welding
Gas welding
MIG welding
TIG welding
Spot welding

Heat treatment

At the end of this training session the participants will be able to understand the properties of metals and select suitable material for specific product.
Metals and heat treatment Course Outline Sub Topics
Introduction Ferrous metal
Physical properties of metal Non ferrous metal
Mechanical properties metal Annealing
Thermal properties metal Normalizing
Heat treatment Hardening

Cutting Tools

Electrical and Electronics

Soldering Techniques

Maintenance of Equipments

Computer Applications

At the end of this training program the participants will be able to operate the computer applications effectively.
Course Outline
Introduction to Computers
Basics of computers
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint

Quality Systems

At the end of this training program the participants will be able to understand the Quality concepts and increase the quality of the products to meet the customer needs.
Course Outline Problem Solving Technique
Introduction to Quality Systems 7QC Tools
5s QC Story


To meet the ever growing need of skilled plumbing workforce TVS TS has a full-fledged Plumbing imparting quality training to its participants.

Plumbing Training
This course will provide the opportunity to the participants to acquire knowledge and skills in domestic and industrial plumbing, thus enabling them to meet the requirements of the market and also increases their chances of employability.

Basic tools Domestic water supply House Drainage
Hand tools Elements in domestic water supply Planning drainage systems
Types of files Masoner Construction Laying house drainage
Hand hacksaw Laying of different types of pipes Laying rain water pipe
Threading tools Maintenance and repair Laying underground pipes
Soft skills Soft skills Soft skills
Sanitary appliances Workshop Calculation & Science  
Types of sanitary appliances Units and conversions  
Installation of sanitary appliances Percentage  
Maintenance of sanitary appliances Mensuration  
Soft skills Basic Trigonometry  
  Soft skills  

Fitting Practice and Assembly

At the end of this training program the participants will be able to acquire essential workshop skills (i.e. reading of drawings, marking out, filing, drilling and tapping). The safer method to use the tools with the necessity to fabricate the objects with the tolerances specified in the drawings.
Course Outline
Introduction Hand tools
Right tools for right job Safety (i.e. Man, Machine & Material etc)
5s in the workshop Marking, Measuring & Hand tools used in the shop floor
Specification of Files Methods of Filing
Producing the Parts as per the drawing Re sharpening of Cutting Tools
Handling of Instruments Care & Maintenance of Instruments
Assembly and checking the functions  
To create technically competent and proficient individuals who meet global standards of excellence in a wide range of processes and systems across multiple sectors and domains.
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Junior Level
Middle Level
Managerial Level
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