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Service Training on automobile systems

Customized training programs for creating skilled mechanics who will be industry ready from day one. Our training ensures a increase in productivity, quality service/work, minimizes errors & Rework.

TVS TS imparts training on “Working principle, Repair and Diagnosis” of conventional and modern automotive systems. It equips the learner with a complete set of easy-to-understand course materials.

Automotive systems Basics

Designed to develop an overall understanding of the construction, operation, parts location and identification of all the components of each system of an automobile both for conventional and modern vehicles.
Engine principles Engine Parts Engine supporting systems
Two stroke Cylinder block and parts Intake System
Four stroke Cylinder head and parts Fuel System
Spark Ignition Engine   Ignition System
Compression Ignition Engine   Lubrication System
    Exhaust & Emission Control System
Basic Electricity Control systems Drive train / Transmission system
Fundamentals of electricity Steering Clutch
Occurrence of electricity Suspension Gear Box
Ohm’s law Brake systems Final Drive /Differential
Types of Circuits & Symbols   Wheels, Axles & Tyres
Engine Electricals    
Starter motor    

Automotive systems – Advanced

Designed for participants of all levels. Modern vehicles have complex electronic and computer components as embedded system. Trouble shooting and fault diagnosis is a challenging task. TVSTS training provides detailed explanations, applications and practical uses of these embedded systems. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will gain an in-depth knowledge with a detailed interpretation coupled with hands on skills
Automotive System Basics
Engine Management System (ECM, Various Sensors and Actuators)
Electronic throttle control system
Multi Point Fuel Injections system (Return type and return less type)
Variable valve Timing
Electronic Ignition system
Common Rail Direct Injection system
Turbo Charging
Exhaust Gas Re-circulation
Emission control system
Cooling system of modern vehicles
Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
Airbag safety system
Power Steering
Anti-lock braking system
Basic Electricity, Testing equipments and Trouble shooting
Auto Electricals (Battery ,Starter motor, Alternator)
To create technically competent and proficient individuals who meet global standards of excellence in a wide range of processes and systems across multiple sectors and domains.
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Service Training on automobile systems
Dealer development program
Engine and Vehicle Test Bed Maintenance
Assembly Techniques for fresher
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