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Supervisor Program - Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Diploma and Graduate engineers are eligible for the course and have a great career in the construction industry
Electrical Design (layouts, circuits etc) Electrical Appliances
B.I.S. regulation, recommendation and the N.E code pertaining to wiring installations Electronics and its application for energy conservation
Method of marking levels and lay outs for wiring Electrical safety and Basics
Specification of protective devices and distribution boards Electrical Connections
Estimation and preparation of specification of material for tendering Distribution panels
Other low voltage services Energy Meters
Site co-ordination and “As built” drawing Wiring and earthing
  Workshop calculations
  Electrical Motors
Pumps Design, Technology and appliances Plumbing Appliances
Introduction to Distribution System Fundamental of Plumbing
Types of supply Plumbing Connections and Design
Pipe material & Pipe jointing Drafting the plumbing systems
Valves Modern equipments in plumbing
Types of distribution networks Planning and drafting for modern equipments
Design of typical toilet Pipe connections for Sprinkler systems
Sequence of job  
Introduction to WTP and STP  
Storm water drainage  
Project planning, Costing, Budgeting, Project management and contracts QA/QC requirement and mapping
Project Budgets Quality check of the incoming material
Introduction to financial statements Request of material for Project location
How to read financial statements Economical use of material
Importance of financial statements Maintenance preventive concepts while routing pipes
How to prepare Budgeting and control Mixture preparation and plan for labour/quality/time
How to prepare a cost sheet  
Engineering Design from Concepts  
Layout reading and interpretation of MEP drawing  
Layout drafting  
Routing and material plan  
Design cut sheets  
Lighting cut sheets  
Load calculations  
Panel Schedules  
Design Assumptions  
To create technically competent and proficient individuals who meet global standards of excellence in a wide range of processes and systems across multiple sectors and domains.
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Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Tradesman program
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