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Tradesman Program

To meet the need of skilled workforce we have plumbing and electrician training program at our institute. These programs provide the opportunity to the participants to acquire knowledge and skills in domestic plumbing and increases their chances of employability.

Plumbing Training

The course enables participants to learn different skills in plumbing and handle domestic plumbing works. An effective blend of theory and practical work makes the participants industry ready. Soft skills, an integral component of the course encourage the participants to develop necessary skills, values and attitudes to meet challenges in their professional and personal domains with maturity and confidence.
Basic tools Domestic water supply
Hand tools Elements in domestic water supply
Types of files Masoner Construction
Hand hacksaw Laying of different types of pipes
Threading tools Maintenance and repair
Soft skills Soft skills
House Drainage Sanitary appliances
Planning drainage systems Types of sanitary appliances
Laying house drainage Installation of sanitary appliances
Laying rain water pipe Maintenance of sanitary appliances
Laying underground pipes Soft skills
Soft skills  
Workshop Calculation & Science  
Units and conversions  
Basic Trigonometry  
Soft skills  

Electrician Training

Domestic Wiring is the skill to install, maintain and repair electrical accessories in residential buildings. With the growth of infrastructure and multi-storey apartments, there is a great demand for qualified and skilled electricians. This course will provide the opportunity to the participants to acquire knowledge and skills in domestic wiring, thus enabling them to meet the requirements of the market and also increases their chances of employability. The course enables participants to learn different skills in wiring plan, set up and maintain domestic electrical installations.
Electrical safety and basics Electrician’s tools and accessories
Electrical Safety Hand tools
Basic electrical parameters General accessories
Electrical power and energy Safety and control accessories
Single phase and three phase systems Outlet accessories
Soft skills Soft skills
Electrical House wiring Earthing
Cable termination and joints Importance of earthing
Planning and estimation of house wiring Types of earthing
Wiring a domestic installation Pipe earthing
Installation of energy meters Soft skills
Testing a domestic wiring  
Electrical Products Training  
Various electrical products and their features  
Basic electronics and sensors  
Sensor based electrical products  
Green building and energy efficiency  
Soft skills  
To create technically competent and proficient individuals who meet global standards of excellence in a wide range of processes and systems across multiple sectors and domains.
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Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Tradesman program
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