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  • Environment, Health & safety have gained paramount importance in the global circles and so have the associated management systems to certify and track the performance to the requirements

ISO 14001 & ISO 45001

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Duration | 8 Hours – 4hrs/day x 2 days with breaks


  • Working knowledge of EHS in industry

  • Personnel in Leadership role responsible for leading the compliance requirements of ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 in the organization

  • Environmental, Health & Safety officers

  • Managers, Supervisors & Team leaders with EHS responsibility in their respective workplace.

  • All participants should have reasonably basic understanding on Environment, Health & Safety basic requirements for their work areas.

  • Participants should have undergone basic awareness training for ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


  • Attendance – 90% Min 

  • Assignment completion – 100%

  • Post-test assessment score – 70% Min


  • Help participants to Identify the legal requirements for ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

  • Create awareness among participants on the need for adherence to compliance requirements and the need to review & monitor compliance on periodical basis.

  • Pre-test, continuous discussions & post-test to enable instructor to ascertain whether students have understood the program

  • Student feedback helps tweak the course content


  • What is Legal requirement?

  • Definition: Law, Act, Regulation & Rules

  • EMS & HSMS management systems

  • Requirements, benefits & importance of compliance.

  • PDCA approach & flow of compliance obligations

  • What are my compliance requirements?

  • Listing of various Acts & Rules pertaining to EMS & HSMS

  • Discussions on what is “My contribution” in this?

  • Legal requirements of ISO 14001 & Hazardous substances

  • Air, Water, Soil / Land & Noise pollution

  • Sources, Effects on individual, society & Environment.

  • Control measures as per legal requirements

  • Hazardous substance management

  • Legal requirements of ISO 45001

  • Discussion on workplace hazards & listing of the same in our work environment.

  • Focus on sources, effects & control of following hazards:

  • Chemical, Fire, Electrical, Thermal (Heat), Machine guarding, Lifting, Floors, stairs & means of access, Petroleum & Explosives


By The End Of Course The Learner Will:

  • Understand about and identify the legal requirements applicable to their respective work areas to establish a legal register for the purpose of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Management systems. 

  • Periodically review the changes in circumstances and legal requirements and evaluate the impact of the changes to the organization.

  • Contribute to the organization’s sustainable development of the EHS Management systems.

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