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1. Electric Vehicles

Date: 13th to 31st July 2020

This course will cover the design, architecture, and operation of EVs. It will specially focus on the concepts in the electric power drive used in EVs.  

This is a first level course on electric vehicles

Duration - 10 Hours - 2 hours/day

Course Content

1. Architecture of Electric Vehicle  & its Components

2. Role of Electric motors and Power Converters  in EV

3. Battery Technology

4. Design Calculation of EV

2. Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Date: 13th to 31st July 2020

The course explains how different devices are connected and controlled through the internet. It focuses on the design of appropriate systems using embedded technology. And includes the application control of PLC through HMI and SCADA.

Duration - 10 Hours - 2 hours/day

Course Content

1. IOT introduction and its architecture

2. IOT Sensor types and applications

3. Industrial actuators Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors

4. Basic PLC Blocks and Programming 

5. PLC application control through HMI & SCADA

6. Data acquisition from PLC application through SCADA

3. Industry 4.0

Date: 13th to 31st July 2020

This course explains the concept of industry 4.0, which is used across industries to upgrade current manufacturing, engineering, and service functions. It enables organisations to meet their quality standards effectively and efficiently.

Duration - 15 Hours - 3 hours/day

Course Content

1. Introduction of Industry 4.0

2. Introduction to elements of I 4.0  

- IOT and cloud computing

- Artificial intelligence, Cognitive computing, Big data analytics

-  Simulation, AR and VR

- Robotics and cyber security

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