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  • Learn how a press line is to be formed, what accessories to be added, how the accessories to be specified, and how the specifications for the accessories to be derived, what care to be taken during the commissioning


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Duration |  10 Hours – 2hrs/day


  •  Pursuing (3rd /Final Year) / Completed Engineering graduates and working professional in the industry with 0 to 2 years’ experience


  • Attendance – 90% Min 

  • Assignment completion – 100%

  • Post-test assessment score – 70% Min


  • Press and press operation is an essential operation and equipment in all the factories.  

  • Almost all the factories need these expertise in this area and it is very important to know this.   

  • Apart from the press the follow on operations like decoiling, straightening, feeding and press    tool and press tool operations are covered the training.

  • These gives complete understanding of the knowledge of press line. 

  • End of Module Assessments  are planned and this  enables the  instructor to ascertain whether students have understood the program

  • Student feedback helps to upgrade the course content for the future


  • Understanding of Press, types, parts, function and specification.

  • Understanding of sheet metal working  term

  • Definition of   press 

  • Classification of  presses

  • Various types of press 

  • Parts of a press and its functions

  • Press specifications. 

  • Pre cautions to be  taken in press foundation 

  • Decoiler , straightener importance  and use .   

  • Other accessories /machines to be added to form a press line.

  • Decoilers importance in the press line and types used.

  • Straightener function.

  • Importance stress strain curve is straightening the strip.

  • Straightener parts and uses.

  • Arrangement to straightening rolls and dimensioning details.

  • Straightening rolls setting and concepts.

  • Feeders and presses function and types.

  • Mechanical, pneumatic and servo feeder’s construction.

  • Hydraulic press

  • Understanding the press specification.

  • Electrical and pneumatic requirements.

  • Press operation safety aspects 

  • Component collection and part trays handling

  • Punched out scrap handling system


By The End Of Course The Learner Will:

  • Explain the press and press line accessories and its use in press parts manufacturing.    

  • Know various types of   presses and its use produce   press parts applications. 

  • Identify the press and press accessories specification.

  • Assist in the set up or guiding in setting up of press line set up and care in establishing the line.

  • Explain the press parts handling, movement including disposal of scrap      

  • Able to take up or guide press operations with confidence and interest by knowing the press and press line accessories.

  • Can handle and guide press shop operations and give required output and quality 

  • Can take Similar training sessions on press operations of cutting, forming, press tool design and manufacturing,

  • Be able to advance in their career to become shift in charge / supervisors of press shop after gaining relevant experience

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