I am impressed with the facilities in TVS TS. This visit might be the beginning of a long term association.
- Mr. J Maennicke
Training and process being followed at TVS TS are commendable. Keep up the good work.
- Ms. Yogita Rana
Excellent facility and a very committed team at TVS TS! Looking forward to a long relationship.
- Mr. V Kumara Subramanian
Visiting TVS TS was a wonderful experience. You offer an important service to the society. Our best wishes for your continued good effort.
- Ms. Ranjani Vaidyanathan
TVS TS has a great potential for becoming a centre for excellence in quality training.
- Mr. V R Krishnan
TVS TS is a very promising institute. ASDC looks forward to an affiliation with you.
- Mr. S K Chaturvedi
I am impressed with the good facilities at TVS TS and the competence of its trainers.
- Mr. B Palaniappan
TVS TS offers many useful programs. I see a marked improvement in the performance of the trainees, that we sent from our company.
- Mr. Sanjay
Very good facilities for all-round training!
- Mr. D S Viswanath
Team work and communication in our employees have improved after training in TVS TS. We will like to send more of our employees for training.
- Mr. Raghupathy
Our employees morale and competence have increased after undergoing training in TVS TS.
- Mr. Kannan
Very good facilities for welders to get excellent training!
- Mr. V V Bharati