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  • 6 ‘S’ workplace management system for achieving high performance work places and thereby effectively implement productivity, quality, cost, delivery and safety improvements in the shop floor and in office areas


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Duration | 8 hours (2hrs/day)


  • Employees responsible for zones – Zone leaders /Members / Zone champions/ 5S coordinator

  • Employees engaged in Quality & productivity improvement

  • Open to all employees as well

  • Min of 1 years’ experience (manufacturing, Quality, maintenance, management)


  • The course is designed for all personnel. 

  • The course is delivered through virtual mode – online exercises & continuous assessments to keep the participant learn in collaborative & competitive manner.

  • Participant feedback helps tweak the course content


  • 5S - Definitions & importance in industry 

  • In depth review of the benefits of 5s to the organization 

  • Identification of 7 wastes in shop floor

  • Elimination of waste in shop floor – 3R – Red tag register 

  • Arranging the shop floor & having a visual control in the shop floor

  • Identification of parts/products –

  • Constant 3C

  • Machine cleaning – CLIT – Operator ownership

  • Standardization in the shop floor

  • How to sustain the 5S improvement – By audit

  • Application & Benefits of each 5s

  • Activity to be carried out in each 5s

  • Safety to be considered in shop floor –   (Accidents, Incidents, Unsafe act, Unsafe condition)


By The End Of Course The Learner Understand:

  • Understand the importance of 6s

  • Understand the activities to be carried out in each 6s

  • Know application & Benefits of each the 6s

  • Understand the Basic safety can be achieved through 6s

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