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Smart manufacturing is about increasing operational efficiency and eliminating stumbling blocks in a production system.

This is done by the convergence of modern data science techniques and artificial intelligence to form the factory for the future.

Knowledge about smart manufacturing is of prime importance for engineers and managers to enhance their capability to handle this technology

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  • Students pursuing 3rd /Final Year

  • Completed Engineering graduates

Industry 4.0

Fusion of digital technologies and industry

Increased qualifications for engineering roles

Additional prospects for manufacturing jobs

Upskill your CV for new job roles in

-AI & Robotics-   -Autonomous Vehicles-

-Nano technology-   -Energy industry-

-Materials science-

This course explains concepts of industry 4.0, which is used across industries to upgrade current manufacturing, engineering, and service functions. It enables organisations to meet their quality standards effectively and efficiently.



  • Students pursuing 3rd /Final Year

  • Completed Engineering graduates

Industrial Internet of Things

Learn to improve device and machine connections

Increase your hireability in multiple industries

Increased job prospects

Higher salary range

Stand out from the competition for any job role

The course explains how different devices are connected and controlled through the internet. It focuses on the design of appropriate systems for enterprises using embedded technology. And includes the application control of PLC through HMI and SCADA.


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