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  • If not managed the right way, Inventory can lead to unwanted financial implications


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Duration | 8 Hours – 4hrs/day x 2 days with breaks


  • Graduate with working knowledge of inventory.

  • Executives & Managers working in Purchasing, Planning & Inventory control, sourcing, Vendor management, Sub-Contracting and Stores.

  • Executives & Managers from other functions such as Production & their support departments, Sales personnel involved in customer demand planning & delivery and Customer service support to customer involved in managing customer demand variation


9.2 / 10


  • Basics of inventory & inventory management

  • Measures of inventory

  • Inventory demand review & management

  • Production technologies supporting inventory management

  • Pre-test, continuous exercises & post-test to enable instructor to ascertain whether students have understood the program

  • Student feedback helps tweak the course content


  • What is Inventory?

  • Definition of inventory

  • The need, benefits & principles of inventory management

  • Its Financial implications & Costs

  • Dynamics of demand

  • What is demand & what are the types?

  • Understanding constraints, what are they?

  • Variation & statistical methods to mitigate demand dynamics

  • Inventory review systems

  • What are they?

  • Understand inventory classification

  • Understand the replenishment methodologies – MTS & MTO

  • Measures of inventory – Turn over, Days & CoGS

  • Methodologies for Inventory management in production

  • JIT

  • Kanban

  • Production Levelling


By The End Of Course The Learner Will:

  • Appreciate the impact of inventory on the organization’s financial metrics (profitability, cash flow, etc)

  • Understand the need to manage & align inventory to customer needs (internal & external)

  • Apply learnings to estimate & manage safety stocks.

Well structured learning path with deeper knowledge on Inventory Management and exercises very very appropriate and helpful

Magesh, RAMCO

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