• Solve problems in a structured way

  • Disciplined approach to solving problems


INR 1,200/-

Duration | 8 hours (2 hours / day)


  • Engineers, Managers, Team leaders, Team members from operations / manufacturing

  • The course is designed for all personnel / team members directly involved in continuous improvement /quality improvement initiatives from both manufacturing and service industry.

  • Online exercises to understand the tools & techniques

  • End of Module Assessments enable participant to understand & apply the tools & techniques adapted

  • Participant feedback helps tweak the course content



  • Min of 2 years’ experience (Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, Management)


  • Computer with uninterrupted internet connectivity.

By The End Of Course The Learner Will:

  • Understand & apply basic problem solving tools

  • Understand & apply the methodology in solving the problem

  • Understand the activities carried out in each step in solving the problem

  • Understand Data visualize and data interpretation techniques.


Procedures For Problem Solving Using The 7 QC Tools

  • Applying the 7 QC Tools towards problem-solving

Pareto Diagram

  • How to construct Pareto Diagrams

Fishbone Diagram (Cause & Effect Diagram)

  • How to construct a Fishbone Diagram


  • How to stratify the data

  • How to interpret the data

Check sheet

  • What is the best method to take down data simply

  • How to construct simple Check sheets for convenient usage in the workplace


  • How to know and predict the occurrence of defects

  • How to construct a Histogram

Scatter diagram

  • Is there a way to find out a correlation between the cause and effect of a problem

  • How to interpret the Scatter Diagrams

Control Charts

  • How to construct a control charts

  • How to interpret whether a process is stable or not

Problem Solving Techniques

  • Problem Description

  • Observations

  • Analysis

  • Actions

  • Check

  • Standardisation

  • Conclusion

  • Activities to be carried out in each step of problem solving methodology


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